Screw “Y.O.L.O.” And Escargot

You only live once!

– hold on a sec –

If rap lyrics make people aware about having limited time on Earth, and if one of those morons plows through a mountain of cocaine and dies, they will not receive my sympathy. In fact, I wouldn’t feel sympathy for anyone who died doing what they wanted. I’d be happy for them! Wouldn’t you? We all have to die eventually. The other day, I read an article about a married Japanese couple that had sex for the first time. Both died at climax from heart attack. What a way to go!

It makes you wonder about people. If the phrase “YOLO” stimulates a response in the cerebral cortex of people to make stupid decisions… the reality of their life must have sucked pretty bad. You’ve got other problems if rap lyrics are the “10 Commandments” of your life. I would suggest a better source of motivation. Perhaps Buddhism. Those guys seem pretty detached from the world.

A lot of people give Drake, and most recently, Nikki Minaj, criticism about not living their lifestyle according to their lyrics. Honestly, who cares? Most people don’t even have the money to live a posh lifestyle, so perhaps their disillusionment needs to be facilitated with drugs and alcohol. I have no complaint towards actor-turned-rapper Drake, or the message he delivers. Actually, inspiration can come from any source. The other day, I accidentally stepped on a snail outside my door. I was really upset. But then I realized that escargot might actually taste disgusting, and it inspired me to never try it.

People fail to understand that popular media figures don’t dictate how we should live life, they are just a reflection of our crappy selves. We used to think it was stupid that Romans killed the messenger if they weren’t satisfied with the message. Now we worship messengers that bring us unsatisfying messages. What the hell is going on?

Maybe I’ll try escargot if explicitly stated on Nikki Minaj’s new single.

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