Corporations Don’t Use Condoms

The only thing more bullshit than watching “Teen Mom” on television, is the commercial that follows it for Durex condoms.

Teen Mom, sponsored in part by Durex.”

So… you get rewarded with a television show AND money from a contraceptive company for having unprotected sex? What the fuck? Advertisements don’t make sense to me anymore. The other day, a YouTube video gave me the choice to pick a commercial to watch. If I was so inclined to watch a commercial, I would type “Cat Eats Cockatoo with Creme” in the search bar. One of the most annoying advertisement I’ve seen was for a website that provides “creative exercises for your brain.” Creative brain exercises – you know – the shit we’re supposed to do in Kindergarten? This tells us that we’re too busy trying to get kids to finish school faster, and don’t give them that important development time. People often wonder why we lack so much creativity in the United States. Well, that’s what happens when kids are busy having kids, and fucked up parents facilitate this trend out of greed for money and fame.

Corporations will always be more interested in creating assets than free-thinking individuals. And as long as money has it’s power, this problem will only increase. For example, a company will generate at least an extra million dollars for every $1,000 scholarship given to a bright student from poor background. It’s a vicious cycle. A large amount of government revenue comes from heavily taxed middle-class families suffering in part-time jobs that have high turnover rates with no health benefits. You know why they call it a turnover rate? Because the rate at which a company turns you over, and fucks you in the ass with a low paycheck is about every two weeks,

The America dollar is backed by “full faith and credit of the United States.” I have very little faith in people who make “Teen Mom” a number one show. And last time I checked, we’re giving the American population too much credit, considering that the value of the dollar is decreasing with our IQ. This country is so fucked, even Durex can’t offer any protection.

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