Going “Nuts” For Cashews

I was eating a bag of crunchy, lightly-salted Cashew nuts today. They have a contrasting texture that is rough on the outside, and smooth on the inside. The delicious nuts can be very addicting; full bag of nuts one moment — next thing you know — empty bag. My throat started to get itchy from mild allergies, yet I couldn’t stop eating the nuts because they were very tasty. It is really fun to chomp down on their semi-hard surface with my front two teeth, and chew away with my molars. The extra salt on them was dehydrating, so I drank something to quench my thirst. I could just stop eating them: but I was addicted. The crunchy goodness got the better of me and I finished the entire bag.

2 thoughts on “Going “Nuts” For Cashews

  1. Cashews are my absoluteeast favorite nut; to me, they’re much too soft to enjoy. I like the firmness contained in an almond, or the “nuttiness” in a hazelnut… Yum! But, I’ll eat a honey flavored peanut any day. Yes. Yes, please.


    1. Haha, you’re so silly Elise! I’m not much of a fan of Cashews, but I had the munchies since I was bored. Honey roasted peanuts for sure! Thank you for your enthusiastic comment, it definitely made me laugh 🙂


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