Be Like Water

Bruce Lee would’ve been 78 yesterday. So to commemorate his birthday, I wanted to talk about one of his most popular sayings, of being “like water.”

Water can represent so many things: it is ever-present in our ecosystem. It can change shape from solid to liquid to gas. It moves everywhere, through many things, without doing much. It has no form, which then allows it to take the shape of anything.

In Taoism, this malleable form of water is what makes it such a common metaphor for the universe. There are many things in play in the universe – undiscovered energies, planets, stars, etc. And we as humans are also a part of this vast universe. It is no secret that one of humanity’s greatest strengths is the ability to adapt and survive. We’ve developed technology, communication and culture to find various ways to survive over the years — all products of adapting to the changing environment.

I feel that one of the things Bruce Lee talks about while advising us to be like water, is to be malleable so that we can adapt to life and its challenges. If we are complacent and rigid in our life, we take away our greatest strength as humans, and subject ourselves to a life of suffering. But to be formless means that nothing (external) defines you. You define you, nothing else. Then, our ego is minimized and we become capable of living to the capacity of our full potential. We become more aware and more powerful: two things that I would wish for everyone to be.


Going “Nuts” For Cashews

I was eating a bag of crunchy, lightly-salted Cashew nuts today. They have a contrasting texture that is rough on the outside, and smooth on the inside. The delicious nuts can be very addicting; full bag of nuts one moment — next thing you know — empty bag. My throat started to get itchy from mild allergies, yet I couldn’t stop eating the nuts because they were very tasty. It is really fun to chomp down on their semi-hard surface with my front two teeth, and chew away with my molars. The extra salt on them was dehydrating, so I drank something to quench my thirst. I could just stop eating them: but I was addicted. The crunchy goodness got the better of me and I finished the entire bag.