Weekly Q&A: Five Ways to Hang With A $20

This week’s question comes from Yesy A. If you’d like to ask a question, you can find the link here.

Q: What’s the best way to spend $20, but still have an awesome night with friends?


A: An awesome night with friends for just $20? How about Taco Tuesday night at a midget strip club in Mexico? There are many factors to consider: the area where people live, transportation, social preferences of the individual, etc. So I’ll cover the top five ways to pick up a date in $20:

1) Food: I would go Asian. Vietnamese sandwiches, Taiwanese dumplings, Chinese noodles; even though you’ll gain calories faster than you can say “carbohydrates,” going to any area with a predominantly Asian population will tend to have very cheap, delicious and affordable food. The only drawbacks might be the language barrier and sanitation laws, but hey! Who’s up for an adventure? Check out some of my food reviews to get some ideas.

2) Beverages:  If you’re looking for a little sugar to sweeten up your conversation, some expensive-ass Starbucks will do the trick. I also recommend going to a boba (squishy tapioca ball drink) shop like Tastea, Lollicup, or some “hole-in-the-wall.” Those places tend to be open later (and a littler cheaper too).

3) Entertainment: Dollar theaters. On certain days however, regular theaters will play new movies for a discounted price. I personally love these, and you can find out about them on your smartphone app or that ancient relic called a newspaper. Knowledge is power, especially on a budget.

4) Entertainment #2: Comedy shows. The ones that give free tickets, and usually a two-item food minimum. So technically you’re paying for the show, but that’s where the drawback ends. If you go to a comedy show where good comics are performing, you pretty much get a meal, drinks (depending on what you buy) and about an hour and half to two hours of solid, live comedy.  Oh did I mention I’m also a stand-up comic? You can check out and like my page here: my super awesome page-thing.

5) Random: Gas money. Use those $20 bucks, fill up 1/16th of your gas tank, and go on adventure! To the beach, the aforementioned midget strip club, or just cruising. The best thing right now, during the holidays, is checking out the lights and holiday decorations!

Remember, it’s not as important what you do but who you do. I mean, who you do it with! Money should only enhance the hangout, but not be the crux of it. So what do you think? Have a “hole-in-the-wall” place you’d like to share? Love, hate, or have an addendum for my list?  Let me know in your comments below!

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