“Loaves” of Bombs

A few days ago, the Syrian government sanctioned a bombing which destroyed a densely crowded bakery. These people weren’t just waiting to purchase dessert either, they were getting food for their families during a military supply cut-off. I find it interesting that the countries geographically closest to the birthplace of Jesus are suffering the most this Christmas holiday. Heck, even Americans become irate when Starbucks runs out of their favorite coffee, let alone being closed down due to a bomb. Perhaps other Starbucks locations would honor their fallen baristas by giving out free lattes.

I couldn’t help but ponder the very essential question: why would anyone bomb a bakery?! Especially when people are trying to feed their families. Some experts believe the bombers simply missed, and that they should be more accurate in acquiring targets. I have some non-expert advice: why not just keep the bombs back at base, and not destroy anything? I can think of a few other places their government can stick their phallic-shaped explosives.

There are many things going on in Syria far beyond my comprehension. Mostly politics. The only thing more bullshit than political agendas are expert opinions about these events. Experts also say that the war will continue until they find a political solution. Well, there’s an oxymoron: political solution. Does such thing as a political solution exist? Especially when their politics are causing the problems? Solving a problem by ignoring the larger one is like wearing a bulletproof vest to prevent getting shot in the open field. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t run into the field. Another expert specifically condemned bombing of bakeries. Well done, college graduate. Most of us regular people condemn the bombing of anything. It might not make us “experts” but it does make us… “logical.”

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