Peace Above Outrage

Lately I feel like I’m being pushed to the emotional edge of anger and annoyance because of people who choose victim-hood and feed the feeling of hopelessness, or ignorant people who perpetuate fear by spreading misinformation. The outrage and annoyance comes from all levels. So here are three things I try to remind myself during the mental chaos:

  • Outrage is easy because anyone can do it, but it creates more problems than solutions.
  • Anything that comes out of my mouth or through my actions with anger will always regrettable. I try not to confuse the blindness of anger as the clarity for meditation.
  • When I choose to reject anger, the reasons why peace is better become apparent. There is seldom collateral damage for acting rationally; plenty others have regretted acting fearfully or harshly.

Choosing not to react out of anger has been helping be get back to my center. The reasons for our suffering might be different, but we feel pain similarly. I’m right here with you as well.


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